Game Plan Pt 2

The truth is that there really is no gameplan.  Or, at least it is being modified every day.  You, see it changes because I find new material or statistics that I have to factor in to trying to have success.

How do I define as success?  In its most minute form, success is being able to do what you love and earn an honest living at it.  At least that is what is means to me.  Your definition may be different then mine.  To each his own.

So my game plan is to work out some mental, physical, musical, and financial goals that I feel would fulfill my criteria for success.  Then, I will define a game plan that I believe will help me achieve those goals, because to reach them would be success!  I know I’m blabbering, but this is what’s directly on my mind at the time of this writing.

This game plan and these goals must fit in with what is going on in the music world.  The industry has changed dramatically and it continues to change.  Unfortunately, there really are no experts on how to get things done.   

So basically, the game plan is still in the works. 🙂  Wish me luck.


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