Music Success in 9 Weeks – Week 5

And again, this last week we’ve had some good things happen. I got the final edit of my first show this year. I’m going to use this video as a promo reel for trying to book more shows. My last performance that I booked, did not go so well. When I got there the DJ could barely get the sound system working right, so I didn’t go up. I did manage to pass out some free demos and add a few people to my email list.

Speaking of email lists, that’s what this weeks focus was about. The thing is though, now we’re adding on to the other lists of priorities that need to be taken care of. Am I up for it? Absolutely! It’s also a nice goal to shoot for 1,000 email listers. I like the idea of that. Even though there will be plenty of things for me to do and not enough time to do them all. I feel like the key is not to get caught up in the number, but in the effort. What I’m doing now is a whole lot better than doing nothing. In the end the true goal is to be much better off than when I started. Whether I win this challenge or not, I will be much better than I was.

I actually have a great email list on I’ve also been continuing to build it as I go. Last week I actually added another name, so that was good. What I haven’t done in the past is keep in consistent contact. I’m pretty sure that is a problem. So the weeks focus is on that. So I sent out my first letter in many many months. I just explained that I’ve been working on a great album that I plan to release around the end of the year. I told them I was going to do my best to keep them in the loop and release a few songs here and there. I’m also going to post videos in the newsletter as well. My goal here is the consistency.


Youtube is going strong. My channel has gotten over 100,000 views and I plan on doing about 10 more covers plus something controversial. (Maybe I can go viral). I also have a new friend, Scarecrow Beats. He just posted one song that we collaborated on, “Unbreak Your Heart”, and it’s gotten a ton of plays already. He’s really been pushing it because we both believe its a great song. Check it out here.

Twitter has shot up to 63 followers so far. I’m following 268 right now. I plan to increase that to 1,000. What I found is that the more you follow, the more that follow you! This helps everyone!

Facebook is a force to be reckoned with. I’m keeping all my friends abreast as to what’s going on in my life. Hopefully more come out and join me at my shows.

Myspace feels like a waste of time at times. I’m not giving up on it though. There are still a ton of potential fans on there.

Of all the things that deal with social media, I feel that blogs are the best. Learning about google reader and already having over 20 RSS subscriptions is really helping me get my name out there to people that matter.

That’s all for now. See you soon!

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