Week 6 Is a Monster!

This exercise program is a real mountain to climb.  Every day I want to quit and just eat whatever I want, but that’s not going to help me.  At the beginning I just told myself I want to look better in 60 days.  And it hasn’t been 60 days yet.  After that I want to start on another program.

The first one that I’m doing in Insanity.  It’s tough stuff.  I’ve never sweat like this before.  After that I want to do P90X.  I figure that I could be done with everything by Christmas and look amazing.  All I need is a budget of about $2500 and I can turn this new album into something nice.

I just finished recording my 4th song.  As it turns out, I’m not just good at writing, but I can produce a few tracks too.  I’ll keep you update.

Lastly, I got tired of taking my pics in bad light.  Here’s week 6 shot for you.


Slow progress is going to be the death of me!

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