Week 7

I missed 3 days last week, because my body was just so worn out from all the exercise. When people say INSANITY is hard, it’s the truth.  Since that I’d only missed one day.  Today, I continued on the day I was supposed to be on.  I just don’t believe people are perfect.  There are those rare cases when someone has so much self-discipline that they can complete anything they put their mind to.  I just don’t believe I’m one of those people yet.

I figured though, that if I could do this program for 3 weeks in a row, that I could make it a habit and finish the rest.  After 3 days of missing, I could tell that my body needed to get back to doing it.  Having that time off though, gave my body time to rest and heal.  The results, I must say are very noticeable and I’m very pleased.

I just wanted to look better in 60 days and I’ve already achieved that in less.  Still, I have 2 more weeks to go, plus 4 make-up days.  I will get it done.  For me, it’s not about being perfect.  It’s about knowing that you’ll mess up from time to time and still not giving up.  Just get back on the horse and continue on.

If you’re in a long distance race and you fall down, are you going to go back to the beginning and start over.  No. You get back up and you continue on.  Winning the race is not the victory.  Finishing the race is. Second, third, or second to last, just finish!


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