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Week 5 Update

Posted in Uncategorized on August 23, 2012 by Maskerade

I ran into a little depression lately. I started to digress a little and I missed Monday’s workout. I figured I’ll just have to do double duty on Friday or Saturday or make it up on Sunday. (That’s going to make my life hell!)

One thing I realize is that we are never perfect. Sometimes life hits us right on the back of the head. But, you just have to snap out of it, pick yourself up, and continue the mission.

Failure is certain. Success can only be achieved after a series of failures. If this stuff were easy, everyone would be doing it!!Image

I also started working on the album.  I’m just going to be me and have a ton of fun.  Lots of tutorials and sessions to come on my youtube account!!

Week 4

Posted in Uncategorized on August 7, 2012 by Maskerade

Week 4

Progress is slow and steady. Insanity is a monster! A mountain to climb. It feels like this 9 weeks is taking forever. I just want to look good with my shirt off. But already you can see the changes.

After this course, I’m going to P90X. I’ve already got my pull up bar, weights and push up bars! Leeggoo!

Another Week 1 Pic

Posted in Uncategorized on July 31, 2012 by Maskerade

Another Week 1 Pic

This is that belly shot I was telling you about. This is what I’m trying to get rid of. Shaun T please help!!


Week 3 Pick

Posted in Uncategorized on July 31, 2012 by Maskerade

Week 3 Pick

These pics that I’m posting are all Monday’s during the beginning of the week. Facing forward, I notice a considerable difference. I’m going to post another Week 1 pic of my nasty belly. The difference is cool, but I’ve actually gained weight.

I understand that it’s muscle weight, but I don’t know of any 5’8″ that are supposed to be naturally 197 lbs. That was disappointing. Still, I’ve never eating 5 times a day either.

Right now, I’m consuming 2200 calories a day. I think that’s more than I’ve been eating before, but way more healthy.

We’ll seel