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Back Again!!

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I know that not too many people read my blog. It’s still kind of fun just to get on here and blog anyway.

So it’s been a while since my last post. I was working out with Insanity and I stopped around 7 weeks. That’s too bad, because I was making headway.

This time, I’ve started again. I’ve booked a temporary gig in Temecula, California. I haven’t performed in sometime, but I really miss it. So, I’m working out to look better for this performance. I’ve got some ideas on how to market the performance. Hopefully, this goes well. The worst thing though is that I don’t have the funds to purchase the promo materials. I’m really cutting it close.

So, I’ve got to come up with some clever ways to promote this show and my music. I have to keep it cost effective. Wish me luck!!

Maskerade A Smashing Success at Charity Event @ The Highlands Hollywood

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Mar 26, 2011 – On a night of birthday celebrations for Eric “EZ” Zuley and Jon Scudder, Maskerade shined on stage for a benefit for Japan relief. Many in attendance were amazed at the singer’s energy and song selection.

For those of you who don’t know, Maskerade is a singer, songwriter, and producer of R&B/Pop music. Although he’s still a relative unknown, he’s already been linked to some big names in the music industry, including Tony Neal of the Core DJ’s and NFL Pro Bryant McKinney. He sings with the swagger of Usher and the voice of a Ne-Yo with a hint of Jagged Edge.

His first entry, “Don’t Take Away My Dance” was a potential hit that stunned the crowd with it’s upbeat tempo and pop-synthesized chords. The record was reminiscent of a male Lady Gaga song and made everyone in the crowd start moving. Next, Maskerade slowed the tempo just a tad with his R&B song, “Sexy, Grown & Beautiful”. This record is destined to be a hit if ever it hits any Urban/Urban AC station. Maskerade brought the club back up to speed with his breakaway smash “Picture in the Air”. This song was a cool 120BPM that kept the crowd into it and they begged for more.

For a man that not too many people have heard of, his stock is on the rise. Maskerade is destined to be a star in any realm, singing, writing, or producing. He’s got a knack of great songs and boasts an incredible stage presence. Be on the look out for this rising star!!

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Orlando Flintroy

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Pledge Music Video Log – Day 2

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Click here for my Pledge Music Page

Today, unfortunately, I still didn’t have enough time to get all my emails out to my family, friends, and fans. Tomorrow that will definitely change. If you want to know what I was doing, then you can check it out for yourself.
Okay I tell you. I was finishing up a video shoot for my first single, Unbreak Your Heart. I apologize for all the shaky hands. I’ll make sure I watch that the next time I do an outside update. Time is a wasting and I’ve got to get on it.

Shout out to Benji from Pledge Music for making the first pledge. I think I’m a get my Mama to do one to help me out too. LOL. Just watch, everyone’s getting involved in this one.

IF YOU HAVEN’T PRESSED FOLLOW, PLEASE DO SO NOW. Please, please, please let me know that you’re out there and your with me. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this project.

Okay that’s all I got.

Maskerade Launches campaign

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Today, November 1, 2011, is day 1 of my campain. My upcoming album I AM MASKERADE is been in production for about a year. I’ve taken my time on production and release, because I wanted it to be not just my best effort, but the best from anybody out there. I’m not talking about just independent R&B and Pop either. I mean better than the commercial music that you hear out there.

I feel like if I write the best album on the planet, then that will give me a fighting chance to make it in this business. I think Pledge Music, is offering a great opportunity for artist to get out and fund their projects. I feel like they are on my side.

Over the last few months, I had been studying Ariel Hyatt’s book, Music Success in 9 Weeks. It taught me a lot of things. The main thing that I came with was the underlying theme of the book. I have to be a constant marketing and promotion machine for my own music. When you’re a signed artist, there are other people doing these things for you. Independents do not have the luxury of gigantic staffs. All we have is the skin on our backs and the pennies in our accounts. Oh yeah, we got blood, sweat, and tears too.

For these next two months, I have 2 things in mind. Radio spins and Project funds. I’ve already released the first single, “Unbreak Your Heart”, to radio and currently in production of that video as well. Currently I’m gathering my list of radio stations to contact and see if any are interested in breaking the record.

Funding the project is the other issue that I have to worry about. I don’t doubt that this album will get manufactured. The thing I’m hoping is that my family and friends can help me lighten the blow. That’s all I need is help. Wish me luck! 🙂


Music Success in 9 Weeks – Week 7

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At minimum, this challenge has been amazing. I’ve been at it for almost 2 months now and the results have been very positive. I want to go back to one of the first weeks and elaborate on a point however. I think lately, since I’ve been kind of hard on myself, because I have met with as much success as I would have like to have. I read in another post however that some of us challengers are still writing our 5 successes every day. I’m definitely not one of the few that were doing that and now I kind of see the importance of that excercise. So I’m going back to that chapter to read it over again and I’m going to focus on that.

This week’s challenge is about how to network. Seeing that one of my main goals was to do a show every week, the networking has been kind of happening on its on. On several occasions, I’ve made some connections with individuals that could never happened had I still been at home. That is a small success. I also have a show tonight, and I hope to meet someone else that I can spread the word with about my music. You never know if you don’t show.

That’s kind of been my theme throughout this experiment as I try to light up a music career that I believe is filled with promise. I believe that I just have to get out there and let some people hear my stuff. I know where I stand, talent wise. I know that in this realm of R&B, Pop, and Hip-hop, that I can write and sing with anyone in this industry. It’s just been a case of not doing anything about. So here I am. I swear that I’ve never really completed this kind of challenge before in my life, but I will finished this one. I know that I’ll finish and continue on after the 9 weeks, because I eat, sleep, and shit music all flipping day. It has been riding me for 35 years and I’m never going to be happy until this is all that I do.

The obstacles that hinder us from reaching our goals are what can get us discouraged. It’s hard to just push ahead when you know that you could be alone for long periods of time. Be able to do that is what will get me to the next level. So I’m here.., talking about.., thinking about it.., doing it.

Because of the buzz that I’m getting with a few of my songs, my email list has been steadily increasing every week. My only beef about that is that it has been mostly guys. And guys don’t buy records, but we’ll just see if they have girlfriends.

Two shows booked for this week and an interview, but it looks like the interview may not happen. I’ll keep you updated next week.

Twitter is just way too much fun. I could probably spend all day on it.

Back to Networking:

So I ran into an old friend that has a promotion company. He delivers singles and radio promotions to Urban stations and DJ’s. We discussed some things that we can do to break one of my records. Surprisingly, it does not cost a whole lot of money. Even if I still don’t have it. But I have his number locked in my phone.

A woman at work want to raise funds for an old closed hotel to be turned into a center for homeless families. We discussed some ways to put on a charity event to raise money to buy the building. I would be in charge of entertainment and I have an amazing band to get it done. We’re doing some respective research on right now and we’re going to meet about it next week. She told me something that was very surprising. She volunteers at a place in Lake Elsinore, California that feeds some poor families on Saturday mornings. Four months ago, there were 200 familes. Last weekend there were over 500 families.., americans are in trouble.

In all reality, I want to do something good. I want to be proud of what I’m doing. I should be singing and writing music, because I am damn good at. That’s where I’m at right now and I don’t plan on changing that.

The Accountability Post

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I wanted to try to align my goals and dates as much as possible to the format of what Ariel’s asking for and that is what you see here.  I actually already had my goals written and re-written for my own personal plan before I read this post.  I posted a picture on my blog. Got to dream big, baby!!
It’s almost sickening, knowing that I have to hold myself accountable.  I think that’s part of the reason so many people don’t have goals.  If we don’t write them down, we won’t be surprised when we don’t hit them.  This is going to be fun, I just know it!

Good luck everyone.

A) 1 Month Goals
By August 15, 2010,
I have completed the work on my artist logo.
I have completed 10 more cover songs and uploaded them on youtube.
I have updated my manager on my goals and we’re completely unified.
I have sent out my latest single and contacted 100 radio stations.
B) 3 Month Goals
By October 15, 2010,
I have registered my name as a DBA and purchased business license.
I have registered my logo and name with the US trademark office.
I have performed 10 times.
I have sold 300 more of my latest CD’s.
I have completed production and pressed my newest CD.
I have created business cards, flyers, and t-shirts for my newest CD.
C) 12 Month Goals
By July 15, 2011,
I have secured a relationship with a well known booking agent.
I have sold over 10,000 CD’s.
I have been added to 25 radio stations.
I have completed a professional video for one of my singles.
I have completed a professional commercial for my newest CD.
I have earned over $60,000 through my musical efforts.