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Pledge Music Video Log – Day 2

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Today, unfortunately, I still didn’t have enough time to get all my emails out to my family, friends, and fans. Tomorrow that will definitely change. If you want to know what I was doing, then you can check it out for yourself.
Okay I tell you. I was finishing up a video shoot for my first single, Unbreak Your Heart. I apologize for all the shaky hands. I’ll make sure I watch that the next time I do an outside update. Time is a wasting and I’ve got to get on it.

Shout out to Benji from Pledge Music for making the first pledge. I think I’m a get my Mama to do one to help me out too. LOL. Just watch, everyone’s getting involved in this one.

IF YOU HAVEN’T PRESSED FOLLOW, PLEASE DO SO NOW. Please, please, please let me know that you’re out there and your with me. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this project.

Okay that’s all I got.

Change Will Come

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Basically I’m here just to talk and write.  There are a vast number of difficulties in being a songwriter.  My biggest issue is not being able to connect my creative side with a monster business side.  That has been my past.  This is my future.  I will change.

Over my 34 years I have come to the realization that fear of failure can hault your life completely and back you into corner until you fight. And once you start fighting, you don’t care if you fail. Those of us human beings that are willing to fight, not without fear of failure, but not giving a bleep if you fail or not, are the ones who make it in this harsh world. Everyone else sits on the outside looking in. I don’t want to do that anymore.

I know what an incredible songwriter and singer I am. No one else knows though. That’s my problem. It’s time to change that. I doubt anyone will ever read this, but if you do then know that this was the beginning of my change. I don’t care if I fail or not, but I never want to say that I gave up on change.